Poker in Sweden in the last few years is booming in popularity, Stockholm as the Capital and main touristic city of Sweden prepared for visitors one unique place to play poker. You will find poker action in The Casino Cosmopol Stockholm with Poker Tournaments taking place everyday as well as Poker Texas Holdem, Poker Omaha & Poker 7 card Stud Live Cash Games. Stockholm host the big poker series like Nordic Masters of Poker. Check out our Poker Guide in Stockholm.

Currency in Sweden - Swedish Krona - aprox. 100€ = 1.000 kr

♠ Poker in Stockholm (SE) ♠

Casino Cosmopol i Stockholm

+46 10 120 39 10 | Kungsgatan 65, Box 45, 101 20 Stockholm

Casino Cosmopol i Stockholm PokerCasino Cosmopol is the only Casino you will find in Stockholm. It's situated in the city center of Stockholm just in front of the main train station. The Casino Cosmopol offer everyday Poker Tournaments with buy-ins from 300kr (30€) up to 16.000kr (1600€). Poker Cash Games take place in the Casino as well, with BB from 1€/1€ up to 20€/20€ with a nice variety of poker games - Texas Holdem, Omaha, 7 card Stud, No Limit, Pot Limit, Fixed Limit.