Madrid Casino Gran Aranjuez

Madrid Casino Gran Aranjuez is an exclusive casino near Madrid ideal to play poker. The Casino offer everyday poker tournaments and poker cash games.

Address: Plaza de la Unesco, 128300, Aranjuez -Madrid- , España
Phone: +34 91.891.81.90

Poker in Madrid Casino Gran Aranjuez

Madrid Gran Casino Aranjuez is another good place to play poker in Madrid. The Casino offer a various form of poker with everyday poker tournaments starting from BI 25€ up to 60€, cash games BB 1€-2€ and 2€-4€ and what is really cool also Sit&Go 25€ - 110€. The Casino organize every month final with a buy in of 220€ and a nice poker series the Laroush Poker Series with a main event BI 330€.

Poker Tournaments Madrid Casino Gran Aranjuez - June 2016

Madrid Casino Gran Aranjuez has a vast offers for live poker tournaments players. Everyday exept wednesday you will find poker tournaments

Day Time Buy-in Stack Rounds (min.) Formule
Monday 19:00 30€ 15.000 20 1x re-entry
Tuesday 19:00 25€ 20.000 20 Freezout
Thursday 19:00 30€ 20.000 15/20 Re-entry + Add-on
Friday 20:00 - different different different
Saturday 19:00 different different different different
Sunday 18:00 different different different different

Poker Events in Madrid Casino Gran Aranjuez