Warsaw is not just the Capital of Poland, it's the Capital of Eastern Europe. A very important historical city, a symbol of a fighting Europe for the last hundread years. Warsaw after UEFA Euro 2012 become one of the favourite place to stay for a week-end in Europe. Nice architecture, charming people, cheap hotel and restaurant. But poker players will don't find here Eden. In Poland there is no possibility to play cash games or private games in poker rooms. Poker in Poland is limited to Poker Texas Holdem Tournaments in Casinos. In Warsaw there is for this moment just 1 casino that organize poker tournaments, it's HIT Casino (HIT Kasyno Warszawa) in Hotel Mercure Grand.

Poker Casino Warsaw (PL)

Hit Casino Warsaw Hotel Mercure Grand

+48 22 611 60 10 | ul. Krucza 28, 00-522 Warszawa

Hit Casino Hotel Mercure GrandLocated in one of the most exclusive areas in Warsaw, just above the Old Town, Hit Casino Warsaw offers a great atmosphere and good games. Depending of the season you can find here from 1 up to 2 tounaments everyday starting with buy-in of (60PLN) ~15€ up to (330PLN) 75€. In Hit Casino take place the bigest Polish Poker Series Finals PPS (Polish Poker Series) with a buy-in of (660PLN) ~150€ - 1st place win approx - 20.000€.

Poker tournaments played in Warsaw Hit Casino Hotel Mercure Grand

Actualisation: 15.07.2018

Day Time Buy-in Stack Rounds (min.) Formule
Monday 19:30 *late reg. 100 zł (25€) 20.000 15 unl. re-entry
Tuesday 19:30 *late reg. 150 zł (35€) 30.000 15 1x re-entry
Wednesday 19:30 *late reg. 150 zł (35€) 30.000 15 unl. re-entry
Thursday 19:30 *late reg. 100 zł (25€) 20.000 15 1x re-entry
Friday 19:30 *late reg. 200 zł (50€) 30.000 15 1x re-entry
Saturday no tournament - - - -
Sunday no tournament - - - -

Casino Palace in the Primate's Palace

+48 22 829 64 00 | ul. Senatorska 13/15, 00-075 Warszawa,

Casino Palace in the Primate's PalaceCasino Palace in the Primate's Palace has stoped poker tournaments, you can go there enjoy blackjack, roulettes or slot machines.



Hilton Olympic Casino Sunrise Warsaw

+48 22 351 72 60 | ul. Grzybowska 63, 00-844 Warszawa

Olympic Casino Sunrise Hilton Olympic Casino Sunrise Hilton in Warsaw was one of the two major casinos where you could play poker in Warsaw. The Casino is closed from the 19.09.2016.



Poker Series & Tours in Warsaw

Polish Poker Series

Polish Poker SeriesPolish Poker Series is the biggest poker tournament taking place in Poland. The series is played Warsaw Hit Casino (semi-final and final). The Polish Poker Series is constituted of 3 tournaments with 2 semi-finals - buy-in (400PLN) ~10€ and a final - buy-in (800PLN) ~200€.

Półfinały Polish Poker Series 2018 / Semi-Finals of Polish Poker Series 2018


5-6 Kwietnia, wpisowe: 400 złre-entry: x1, stack: 30.000
5-6 April, buy-in: 100€re-entry: x1, stack: 30.000


3-4 Maja, wpisowe: 400 złre-entry: x1, stack: 30.000
3-4 May, buy-in: 100€re-entry: x1, stack: 30.000


Finał Polish Poker Series 2018 / Final of Polish Poker Series 2018

24-26 Maja, wpisowe: 800 złre-entry: x2, stack: 50.000
24-26 May, buy-in: 200€re-entry: x2, stack: 50.000


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