Fitzwilliam "The Fitz"

Fitzwilliam Card Club Dublin is a good casino to play poker in Dublin. The Fitz offer everyday live poker tournaments and cash games action.

Address: Clifton Hall, Lower Fitzwilliam Street
Dublin 2, Ireland
Phone: +353 1 611 46 77

Poker in Fitzwilliam Card Club Dublin

The Fitzwilliam Card Club “The Fitz” is one of Irelands longest running card rooms and it's one of my favorite place to play poker in Dublin. The Fitz offer everyday nightly tournaments with buy-in from 25€ up to 110€, monthly tournaments 200€, 270€, poker cash games €1/€2, €2/€5 and above on demand. The Fitz host a 5 days poker festival that take place in November with a main event buy-in 540€.

Poker Tournaments Fitzwilliam Card Club Dublin
October - November 2016

In Fitzwilliam Card Club Dublin you can find everyday poker texas holdem tournaments from 25€ up to 110€. Poker tournaments in Fitzwilliam Card Club Dublin are different everyday. You can find some freezouts, re-entries and rebuys live tournaments.

Day Time Buy-in Stack Rounds (min.) Formule
Monday 8:00pm 80€ 30.000 15 Deepstack Freezeout
Tuesday 8:00pm 60€ 7.000 15/20 Double Chance
Wednesday 8:00pm 25€ 5.000 15/20 Multi-rebuy
Thursday 8:00pm 70€ 10.000 15 2x re-entry
Friday 8:00pm 85€ 9.000K 20 1x re-entry
Saturday 8:00pm 110€ 15.000 20/25 Deepstack Freezeout
Sunday 8:00pm 55€ 12.000 15/20 Freezeout

Poker Events in Fitzwilliam Card Club Dublin

The Fitzwilliam end of month tournament

The Fitzwilliam end of month tournament is a nice opportunity to start playing mid stakes live poker. Played in Fitzwilliam Card Club Dublin this live poker tournament come with a 270€ Buyin and a good to play structure with 15.000 starting stack and levels of 20/25 minutes.

The Fitzwilliam Poker Festival

The Fitzwilliam Poker Festival is an exclusive poker series played in Fitzwilliam Card Club Dublin. The festival comes with a main event of 540€ and some additional poker tournament. Actually there is no information about the 2016 series but I will inform you if something change.